Finest Call, Frosé

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Kick back and enjoy frose all day with this Finest Call frose mix! Frose (frozen rose wine slushy) is a popular summer treat, and this sweet, tart mixer gives you an easy way to create this trendy beverage. This mix is made with a blend of real fruit, including peach juice, pear juice, white grape juice, lime juice, lemon juice, and strawberry puree. Its fruit-forward flavor makes it an essential ingredient for summer beverages! To create a refreshing frose drink, freeze this mix before blending with vodka, rose wine, and ice for a slushy that's a great way to beat the summer heat. You can also use this product as a sweet mixer for other beverages! This versatile product can be pre-frozen, used in slushy machines, or simply served over the rocks with a splash of liquor.