Everpure EV9612-56 MC2 Filter Cartridge - .5 Micron and 1.67 GPM

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Supply clean, safe water to your fountain beverage machine and increase efficiency with this Everpure EV9612-56 MC2 replacement filter cartridge! This cartridge connects to a compatible filter to provide clear, freshwater for your machine, which improves the flavor, quality, and overall appearance of your beverage. Thanks to the unique filter blend, this cartridge powerfully fights off health contaminants such as bacteria and cysts, while also reducing sediments, which could damage the inner components of your unit. Plus, since it filters for chlorine, you'll also have a better-tasting drink!

Ideal for use with single carbonate dispensers using up to 25 tanks of syrup or bag-in-box per month, this cartridge boasts a 9000 gallon capacity with a 125 PSI maximum pressure requirement. To ensure that even the smallest of contaminants can't slip through the filter, this system has a low micron rating of .5 and a flow rate of 1.67 GPM, guaranteeing a consistent flow without sacrificing cleanliness. And, swapping out the cartridge is quick, easy, and sanitary, because none of the internal filter parts are exposed during routine handling.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 3 1/4"
Height: 20 3/4"