Davinci All Natural Coconut Flavored Syrup

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Made with pure cane sugar, this flavoring syrup is perfect for adding sweetness to your signature coffee drinks, mixed drinks, and desserts. Since it is shelf stable, you can proudly display this all-natural product along your bar or counter.

Featuring exotic coconut flavor, this coconut flavoring syrup enhances the aroma and taste of any drink or dish without imparting any artificial color. Use this syrup to create one-of-a-kind, tropical-tasting cocktails or mocktails. It can even be mixed with chocolate, bananas, or other fruits for indulgent dessert drinks like pina colada flavored milkshakes. Try using it with other baking ingredients to quickly and easily enhance your dessert recipes.

One splash of flavoring syrup goes a long way, and flavored beverages made from this flavoring syrup enhance your menu with new and appealing, all-natural items! This user-friendly plastic bottle is easy for your baristas and restaurant staff to handle. Sold in gourmet coffee shops, specialty food stores, food service outlets, and grocery stores, DaVinci Gourmet products, like this all-natural coconut syrup, have a long history of commitment to quality and superior taste.