Everpure EV910863 CG53-20 20" Filter Cartridge - Submicron Rating and 4 GPM

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Supply clean, safe water to your commercial beverage equipment with this EV910863 CG53-20 20" replacement filter cartridge! This cartridge connects to compatible filter housing to provide clear, freshwater for your machine that will improve the taste, aroma, and overall quality of your fountain drinks, tea, or coffee. Thanks to a carbon block with a submicron filtration rating, this filter cartridge removes dirt and other extra fine particles from your potable water supply. It also provides chlorine taste and odor reduction in addition to removing cysts and other biological contaminants.

This cartridge features a 12,000 gallon capacity with a porous design to prevent premature clogging. With an exceptional flow rate of 4 GPM, it ensures a consistent flow without sacrificing water purity. To help improve overall machine performance and minimize maintenance and energy costs associated with your commercial beverage equipment, the cartridge includes phosphate which reduces equipment problems caused by limescale buildup. Because none of the internal filter parts are exposed during routine handling, swapping out the cartridge is quick, easy, and sanitary. This model's convenient drop-in design fits most 20" filter bowls.